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Hi, i'm Rainah and i just really like doctor who, Sherlock, homestuck, anime, welcome to night vale, and bands (still not over mcr breakup)


I think it was easy to see Cecil as the bad guy this episode, but we need to remember that this is one of the only times, bar Kevin and Lauren, where we have heard about Cecil described in the third person, and that’s what’s so jarring. We see the world through eyes other than Cecil’s, and we are reminded that, of course, he is imperfect too.

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Night Vale fans before: *waves fist in the air* STEEEEEVE CARLSBEEEEEEERG!!!!
Night Vale fans now: *crying over a fictional character who makes scones* Steeeeeeeeeve Carlsbeeeeeeeerg
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No one listens when I talk. They hear, but they don’t listen.
--- Steve Carlsberg, aka I’M SO SORRY I EVER SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT YOU (via nightshadetears)
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Phil - Invent a word
Dan - Canflop - when someone asks you to fall over and you say YES I CANFLOP
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what guns look like irl


how i draw guns


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*pretends to be an expert on a sport because I’ve watched an anime about it*

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rainy weather and thunder doesn’t make me gloomy at all it’s more like, fuck yeah this is my kingdom of darkness and i’m the queen

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when people are like “mikasa doesnt care about armin, all she cares about is eren” yo you remember that time eren called armin a coward and mikasa punched that fucker right to the ground dont even start

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people who did nothing wrong:

  • kaneki ken

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john drinkin' red koolaid accidentally in front of karkat




accurate karkat characterization gives me life

you goddamn fruit cup


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